Химки. Межсезонье 2009


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04.06.2009 19:08

В свете последних переходов и слухов имеет смысл открыть эту тему.
Пока другие клубы разбираются со своим финансовым будущем наши руководители активно принялись "осваивать" бюджет следующего года.


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10.12.2009 22:01 #

#7 Timofey Mozgov C
23 years old, 7' 1"

The athletic 7-1 center had an outstanding campaign under David Blatt with the Russian national team in the European Championships in Poland this summer, averaging 11 points, 4.6 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 23 minutes per game, helping his team far exceed expectations despite missing most of their big name players. He seems to be making big strides in his game year after year and is clearly not a finished product at this point. With his outstanding physical attributes and especially the way he runs the floor, it not out of the question that he could be a much better fit for the more up and down style of play that is found in the NBA than he is for Europe.

Right now he’s seeing limited playing time on a Euroleague team in Khimki, but is gaining very good experience against the highest level of competition to be found on the continent. His stats in the Russian league and VTB United League are generally more impressive. We will likely follow up on his progress later in the season as we acquire more film.

Mozgov is reportedly interested in playing in the NBA, but has two more years on his contract after this season. He does have an NBA out clause after 2010-2011, with a buy out. It’s doubtful that Khimki would look to sell his rights this summer considering how valuable his domestic passport is to them. Russian league rules state that two local players must be on the court at all times.



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20.01.2010 09:53 #

Lench (06.07.2009 02:23),
дак особого смысла давать гражданство нету -- лимита ведь нету жесткого на легионеров в России )
6 игроков можно ,зачем еще то ? что типа 7,8,9,10 тоже легионеров чтоли с российскими паспортами ?

если для сборной , тоже ни идеи , ни " объедительных тенденция "как-то не видно ,туда 1 игрок тока возможен )

ну как вариант , можно канеш толпе литовцев гражданство дать ))) может один даж пригодиться и в сборной … но особо смысла незаметно как-то .

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